Retail tastings in British Columbia

Do you have a retail product that needs more attention? Voltage Entertainment can help. We've got Canada-wide experience working in retail promotions with tons of brands big and small, international and local. We currently have staff doing upwards of 150 tastings a month all over BC. No city is too big or town too small. We have staff everywhere.

Field Marketing Services

We've got the experience and knowledge to perfectly execute your field marketing strategy in a retail environment. From recruitment to in-store demonstrations, to distribution and presentation, Voltage Entertainment will deliver your messaging and products perfectly as intended from start to finish.  We provide the cups and pay for the products so the client doesn't have to. Our retail promo team has the professionalism and expertise you want to promote your products and services.

 What we do: 
  • Give a detailed feedback-report that includes photos of display and all receipts associated with the tasting.
  • Give calls to confirm the tastings to ensure the proper times have been given and sufficient inventory is in stock or on order.
  • Should your company have a giveaway item, we can pick it up and drop it off should that makes things easier.
  • We do training sessions to help our staff with sales techniques to ensure we see the sales on their reports.

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